Dinosaurs are taking over!!

Did you know there are dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park? They look a bit funny. They were created by the man who first used the name dinosaur (meaning terrible lizard) to describe these ancient beasts. He and a famous sculptor were given the task of creating the world’s first dinosaur theme park way back in┬áthe […]

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A First Class, First Class.

A late start for me, even later for one or two. You were all nearing maximum velocity, by the time I caught up with you. Thinking back to the Autumn term brings mixed feelings for me. I remember you much smaller in size, not to mention personality. I remember the first time I came to […]

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And… CUT!



Well done to all the directors and actors today. You can watch some of the videos on our WATCH page of the blog. Some stars in the making I think!


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Workout at home!

Good evening 5P! I thought you might like to carry on the exercises from our BOOTCAMP so I’ve put together a 7 day workout program for you. You should always have rest days where you relax and give your muscles a chance to recover. Let me know if you complete this program. You could write […]

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This Friday

Hi 5P, It has been brought to my attention that there are some worries as to what we’ll be doing in school on Friday while the select few are on their head teacher’s award trip. You should bring your PE kit as we will go and play some games outside. You are also welcome to […]

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So my bro just cycled 300 miles over 2 and a half days from London to Cornwall… I then spent the afternoon today watching the Tour de France. It’s been a while since I went for a proper ride on my bike, but I’ve done it! I vow to cycle more… It’s fun! Maybe I’ll […]

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Pitch Perfect!

Today we experimented with different pitches by cutting straw trumpets to different lengths. We made 4 different notes and arranged ourselves into an orchestra. As an orchestra we played ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple… enjoy!

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